Saturday, July 3, 2010

Heya Moo Cows :)

 (Just So you know, I love Moo Cows!)

Oh and, I forgot to ad this to the  video, but I have a bit of a dilema. I want the book 'doll parties' so I can host one for Emily on the 10th. Which is the day after my birthday. I have 50 euro (I also have a few 2 euro, one euros and stuff. But I dunno how many). I have to pay for the shipping of some thing. Which would leave me with about 20 left to spend. My Gran's birthday is on the 24th or thereabouts and I want to get her this set of books for maybe 30 euro. I will probably get some more money at my birthday. But which should I order, doll parties or the books???



Gabrielle said...

congrats on the doll!!! I think Kathleen would fit best!! It's up to you though!

Hmm..I think you should order the books, but I'm not sure.

May said...

Thanks :)

I can always count on you for a comment!