Tuesday, July 13, 2010

What I think of the new AG stuff (1)

The hoodie is very nice with the embroided 'American Girl' on the sleeve. Just, I wouldn't bother buying it :P

The Puff-sleeved tee is nice but not worth eight dollars.

The accessories? *shakes head* These are the sort of things that wouldn't be too hard to make yourself.

I personally don't care about doll earings, but all the new ones are nice for those of you with dolls with pierced ears.

The New glasses have great colours, but I don't like the shape. There is a sligthly differently shaped pink pair but they're too big.

Aviator sunglasses for dolls, the idea is rediculous for me. There is also a blue pair but they're aren't quite the same.

 I could never see the point in getting doll

 shoes seperately, but these shoes are hidious.
 Same with the purplies. There is also a pair of boots, but they're
pretty normal. I don't like them much either.

I do not like the socks and tights sets for dolls. It's un-attractive.

I am mad about this gourgous new fella. He's just a pony/foal. So they can't ride him, but he's adorable!

The Fall Treats set would apeal to Americans, so it's probably a good set. But me being Irish...~May

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