Thursday, July 8, 2010

So Many Packages

 Alright, not 'so many' but two. I told you about the first one already. But today another one arrived, one that I could open imediately. It's from Amazon. It's the 1st two Molly books for my gran for her birthday in a little while and the Doll Parties book! :) I ordered and payed for them myself, but I'm still really happy about them.

Stars: **** (4)

The book is very cute and slightly bigger than the other 'do it yourself' books that I have. It gives you a 'honey comb' centre piece, invitations, a 'cake' (which is a kind hollow pink cardboard thing that you decorate with stickers, it's really cute though!), paper plates, and 2 reversable banners. One of the pages tells you to make a puzzle with the poster given to you in your kit. I looked through it twice but I couldn't find it which kinda disapointed me. It tells you how to do certain crafts but most of the crafts require you to go out to a craft shop and get something. But it gives you tips, another few sheets with invitations, a couple of halloween masks, a paper boom box thing. You know, it's really, really cute! I got it at a reasonable price from :) I set up a party scene with everything I wanted and it looks really really amazing. I'd love to go to a party like it :D The party hats are cute but a little hard to put together. I would recomend it, but only if you really wanted it. Not if you kinda did ;)


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