Saturday, July 3, 2010

L.I.F.E (warning, overly deep)

  I was reading Libby's new blog just there. And well, one of her posts was quite deep, about the 'learning curves' in life. And Libby, I must say, what an interesting post :) I'm copying it kinda. To be honest, I don't care if anybody reads this. I'd appreciate it of course. But It's written down so I can get it out of me.

Well. You know. It's your average Joe day, going to school eating lunch blah-de-blah. You go out and buy a present for your friend who's leaving to go to another school. You take a while choosing it, but you know, it's a good present that you'd be happy to receive yourself. Next day at school, you give it to her. You laugh, chat and all those other friendly things with her. Then you say your final goodbyes and get in the car to go home. Sure, you're grand. You eat lunch go to your room and mess about. But then it hits you. 'S***, I've just lost my best friend in the whole world to a boarding school.' How do you feel then? Like crap. You cry for a couple of hours. Still extremly hurt when you stop. You know it's not really her fault. But that's when to start to have a grudge against her parents. They sent her, even if she agreed. But if they hadn't contemplated it your friend would still be in school with you, unknowing about the 'wonders of boarding school'.
 The next day you go back to school, you have a few close friends but it's not the same. You get on with your class, but again, no best friend. There's a new kid, she's nice and all, but comeon. She comes the day your best friend leaves. Almost like an imediate replacement.
 You get to talk to her via email and stuff, and it's great. But without her... *sigh* She's your  best friend in the whole wide world (as cheesey as it sounds). You love her (as a friend) much more than anybody else in that classroom.

It sure is a learning curve. You'll know what it's like to lose a best friend.

Keep your friends close, but never let them touch your heart.

 I Love you K, as my best friend.


Gabrielle said...

Oh, May, I'm so sorry.

The saddest thing?

I've never had a friend like that.

I guess it's because of where I live. I mean, IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE. It's 30 miles to school each day. And that makes it hard to keep friendships because you can never see your friends, and it feels like such a burden to your parents to make them drive you to town so you can go to the mall or to a movie for a couple of hours.

I wish you all the best. I know everything will be okay, no matter how bad it seems right now.


Jasmine said...

You made me cry reading that post May. I'm soooooooooooooooooooooooo sorry this is happening to you. I have been praying really hard for you and will continue. God will not only help you through this, but make good of it! How weird is it that a new girl showed up right on the day that your friend left? Just give it try!

Libby said...

Aww! May, that must be so hard to cope with. *hugs*
Thanks for following my blog by the way :)

May said...

Thanks to all of you. It's nice to know that I have such amazing friends that I've never even met in my intire life. Sorry about that, it was a bit depressing.

~May :)