Tuesday, July 13, 2010

What I think of all the new outfits! (2)

This is part of  the 'Healthy Smile set' I chose this picture to empasize the craziness of it. In saying that, I secretly love it. The stick on braces, that thing, the retainer case and the toothbrush. It's so weird!

This called 'Nail Care kit'. Sheesh. It's creepy. Nail files? And 'nail polish' stickers? The people who would want to give their dolls painted nails just use washable marker. It's a waste of money. And it's just insane.

This is called 'Bath Wrap Set' What it is is a 'dress' made of towely material with a head towel thingy and slippers to match. Not a bad idea. But it's ugly (I think) and a waste of $24.

The Bubble Bathtub is adorable. I love it. Plus my wittle baby's in there! ('Cuse us) It's way prettier than it's ancestoring-bath. And it comes with a lot, it seems like it would be worth the price. But it's just, I'd probably never be able to get something that big :|


The Sweet Treats PJs are pretty average, cute, but nothing special.

Definitly in with the current trends. I love it and WANT IT.

This is the true style outfit and again is nothing special. Hate the shoes, like the wrest. Little expensive at $28.

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