Tuesday, July 13, 2010

It's two weeks in

 and all I've been doing is lazing around. I am completely looking forward to tomorrow, and it's just a regular shopping trip. Just go in, look around, and hopefully come out with something new. But saying that, though I love to get new stuff, I have a fairly big room, things get messy. Like, I've got a coffee table in my room for my dolls, under it, it's jam-packed with AG boxes and stuff that I made for them. Then right next to it I've got my wardrobe quite filled with stuff, example : Clothes, and toys. Then there's a fireplace which takes up a good bit of room. It has my photos and piggy bank on it. Then a book shelve, then a window, then my sister's bed *she's temporarily sharing with me* and then mine. I started this whole cleaning project about 3 weeks ago. It's shaping up, but I'm not looking forward to cleaning under the beds.
 Mmmkay, so that was pretty pointless. But yeah. I just was annoyed that I haven't posted for a couple of days.


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