Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I know, I'm probably annoying the heck outta you

But... a package arrive today~~~~ It's my birthday present from ebay from my gran. I'm not allowed open it... but I want to. My dad left it right outside my bedroom door which is quite annoying, but that means I studied the package XD. Tis fairly big, but not very. Not as big as I expected but the lady was nice and did us a favor. She reduced the price of items, well, she lied about the items prices on the package which means we didn't have to pay ANY CUSTOMS!!! Woot!
And I ordered that stuff yesterday for my gran and the doll parties stuff :)
It's kinda annoying though, my mum has to go away for my birthday for some work related jazz. She left this morning, but ah-well. These things happen. I will miss her, don't get me wrong!


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